Special Collections
Special Collections

Owing to staffing changes, Archives and Special Collections is reducing operations.  Access to some of our Special Collections is not available at this time.  For requests related to the Carlson Fable Collection, please email archives@creighton.edu or call (402) 280-2216.

Special Collections encompasses thematic collections not specifically related to the history of Creighton University.  Some special collections include historical tools and equipment from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry; fables literature and memorabilia; religious realia; and artwork from several continents. Some collections are available for viewing online, and most are on display at either the Health Sciences Library or the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library on the campus of Creighton University. We hope to have a more comprehensive list of our Special Collections online soon.

Carlson Fable Collection

The Carlson Fable Collection features a wide assortment fables-related materials, including more than 9,000 books in over 65 different languages and at least 12,000 objects from around the world. Father Greg Carlson, S.J., continues to develop his collection, which is housed at the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library. Click here to read more about the Carlson Fable Collection on our website. The collection catalog and digital representations of some artifacts can be found here on the Creighton Digital Repository.


Some of our Special Collections are listed below, and we will be adding to the list in the near future. A few of these collections are already on display at Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library or the Health Sciences Library. An asterisk (*) after the title indicates that the collection has an online presence that can be accessed by clicking on the icon.

The Carlson Fable Collection*

A comprehensive collection of fables and fable memorabilia compiled by Creighton professor, Fr. Carlson, SJ. 

The Reals Family Native American Art Collection

A collection of Native American baskets, pottery, statues, and other artwork, housed on the main level of the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.