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The Story of Who We Are

The brand narrative is not necessarily marketing language and does not need to be referenced directly—rather, it should guide the spirit of future brand messaging. No matter who or what we’re writing about, our voice should stay true to the big idea encapsulated below.

Nothing worth doing ever goes without effort.

Creating opportunities for yourself and society, leading people in challenging times, healing the sick and injured in your community (and being among the very best in the U.S. to do it)—these all require you to give a little extra, to push a little harder, to bring a little fire into the world.

At Creighton University, we supply the oxygen. A formative community that fuels your ambition in the direction of your dreams. An attentive faculty that lights the way for you to make forward progress. A humanist tradition that illuminates your understanding and prepares you for success. That’s at the heart—and here is the home—of the Creighton Professional. We’re the ones who care, who commit, who contribute to the greater good, whatever it takes.

Whatever it is you want to do—be it health, be it business, be it an art or a science: do it justice.

Creighton University. Just work for a better world.

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