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Strategic Goals

Creighton University, like its students, doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Things change, perceptions shift and priorities become clear over time. The foundation of any brand effort rests upon an approved strategy that drives the goals of the institution—and the brand expression then serves as a vehicle for the success of these goals. Our five current goals are listed below. 

Strategic Goals

Connect the dots between the Jesuit academic tradition and the Creighton advantage.

Separate Creighton from comparable Jesuit institutions by emphasizing the University’s pre-professional excellence, so as to better leverage the health sciences.

Creighton graduates get jobs and stand distinct in their field. Emphasize the outcomes that the University delivers.

Tell the best parts of the story: Creighton’s faculty and the intensely supportive community of the institution.

Infuse the Creighton brand with bold personality and directional language that firmly cements the University’s brand positioning and earns audience mindshare.