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College of Business Leadership

Heider’s excellence starts with strong leadership.

Heider College of Business is guided by the following outstanding leaders who are committed to excellence:

Heider’s Leadership

Todd Darnold

Todd C. Darnold, PhD

Heather Doering

Heather Doering, MA

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher, MBA, PHR

Colleen Hendrick

Colleen Hendrick

Anthony Hendrickson

Anthony R. Hendrickson, PhD

Chris Karasek

Chris Karasek

Merridy Larsen

Merridy L. Larsen

Rich McCormick

Rich McCormick

Matt Seevers

Matt Seevers, PhD

Pamela Vaughan

Pamela A. Vaughan

Angie Wayman

Angie Wayman

Charisse Williams

Charisse Williams, MA