Monthly Electronic Transfer Payment Plan (MET)

Creighton Monthly Payment Plan (MET):

Creighton University has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to provide online financial services including electronic billing, online payments, and payment plan enrollment and management. 

  • Installment monthly payments will be automatically processed from the bank account or credit card of your choice; you do not have to remember to log in and make a payment, and a reminder email will be sent 5 days in advance of the payment to confirm the date and payment amount.  Please note: An additional convenience fee of 2.75% will be assessed if you choose to use a credit/debit card as your method of payment.  Only United States bank accounts can be used (no foreign accounts) for setting up a payment plan.
  • The non-refundable Application fee is only $25 per semester.
  • Payment plans are term specific (fall or spring) and offer up to 6 monthly payments per semester. Payments are recorded the day they are processed to ensure the most current Student Account balance is available to you. 
  • Enrollment for the fall semester will open May 1st with the first payment for the 6-month plan beginning in June.  Enrollment for the spring semester open up in November 1st with the first payment for the 6-month plan beginning in December.
  • All financial aid, except work-study, must be included in your payment plan budget.   
  • All previous term or past due balances have to be paid in full before signing up for a payment plan and cannot be added to a new term payment plan. A tuition account HOLD will prevent you from signing up for a payment plan.
  • You will be able to choose the 10th or the 20th as your withdrawal date for your monthly deduction to better suit your financial needs.
  • To help you estimate and determine your semester costs, you can use our MET plan budget worksheet found here: Tuition and Fee costs for Spring 2018 and MET Payment Plan worksheet.
  • To avoid any tuition late payment fees, you need to be enrolled for a payment plan by the Last Payment Date for each semester.  You may select a payment plan option that starts your monthly deductions after the Last Payment Date, but your account has to be actively enrolled for a payment plan before late payment fees are assessed.
  • If a payment is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds or stop payment, Nelnet will assess a $30 return item fee.  You will receive an email notification of the return and a schedule as to when Nelnet will reprocess the returned payment and late payment fee.
  • Payment plans are not available for the summer terms for undergraduate and graduate students. If you are registered for multiple terms for summer, you can pay for each term separately. Tuition is due by the first day of each summer term. Summer Opus and Davis rent can be paid monthly and is due in mid-May for the first month rent and then the 1st day of each month for June and July. You cannot include summer tuition, fees, or summer Opus or Davis rent in a fall or spring payment plan.
  • Payment plans will not automatically adjust if any additional charges have been assessed to your tuition account or if you should receive any additional financial aid.  You may need to adjust your payment plan yourself or you can contact the Creighton Business Office to adjust the payment plan for you.  Adjustments have to be processed at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled payment date in order for it to go in effect.
  • You may access the details of your payment plan agreement online 24/7. Creighton University will continue to provide you support and assistance with your account during normal University business hours.  Nelnet Campus Commerce will also provide 24/7 telephone support for assistance with your account.
  • Important:  Students have to grant parents, legal guardians, or other third parties access by making them an Authorized Party to their Nelnet financial student account in order for them to view their tuition bills, make payment in their behalf, or set up a payment plan . Instructions to set up an Authorized Party can be found here.

Spring 2018

Payment plan application will be available November 1, 2017.

Last day to enroll for  payments on 10th

Last day to enroll for  payments on 20th

Number of Payments

Months of Payments

Nov 30

Dec 10



Dec 29

Jan 10



Feb 1

Feb 8



Payments are processed automatically on the scheduled payment day each month.

Note: All enrollment fees and down payments are processed immediately.

For students in our professional programs of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and AJD Law who will be attending 3 full semsters (summer, fall, & spring) for the current academic year; please visit our Nelnet Campus Commerce website for more information on payment plan options and application deadlines at:

Students in the Accelerated Nursing Program who wish to participate in a payment plan should call the Business Office (402-280-2707) directly for payment plan options.