Withdrawal and Refund

A student is considered in attendance and is responsible for any tuition balances due until he or she has formally notified the University in person or in writing of their withdrawal.  Refunds are made to the student on the basis of the date he/she has formally notified the Dean in person or in writing of their withdrawal. Students who formally withdraw from the University before the official start of the semester or term will not be liable for tuition or fees.

The federal refund policy will be used for all students receiving federal aid.  This is a proportional calculation based upon time enrolled during a semester, type of aid received and direct costs.  Students impacted by this policy will receive a worksheet outlining the steps and resulting calculation.

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Check Cashing Policy

The Business Office offers registered students, staff, and faculty check cashing privileges at the Cashier Window located on the first floor of Creighton Hall (Administration Building).  Requirements and limitations include:

  • Personal and two-party checks accepted.  No third-party checks will be accepted.
  • Limit of $200.00 per day per person.
  • Checks must be drawn on a valid account.
  • Must present current University I. D. or valid driver's license.
  • Personal checks must be made payable to Creighton University.  Two-Party checks must be endorsed properly.
  • Creighton Federal Credit Union members are asked to cash their checks at the credit union.  Creighton Federal Credit Union has an office on campus in the Skutt Student Center.
  • Any check that is returned to the University as unpaid for any reason will be assessed a $25 Return Item Fee.  Restitution to the University should be made within 14 business days.
  • Any personal or two-party check that has been cashed by a student and is returned to the University due to insufficient funds or for any other reason, will be charged back to the tuition billing account of the student who received the cash and will be assessed a $25 Return Item Fee.  It will be the responsibility of the student to make restitution for all outstanding balances and fees owed on their student account.  Any balance on a student account resulting from a returned check may be subject to a Late Payment Fee or a Hold placed on their account if restitution is not resolved in a timely manner.
  • The Person who cashes a two-party check will be held responsible if the check is returned.  Restitution to the University should be made within 14 days.


Check cashing is a privilege that the University offers to our students, staff and faculty.  The Business Office reserves the right to revoke or deny this privilege to any individual at any time.


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