MET Payment Plan

Monthly Electronic Transfer (MET) Payment Plan

Creighton University has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to provide online financial services including electronic billing, online payments, and payment plan enrollment and management.

  • Payments are withdrawn as scheduled monthly installments on either the 10th or the 20th of each month.  A reminder email will be sent 5 days in advance of your payment to confirm the date and payment amount.
  • Only United States bank accounts may be used.  Foreign accounts may not be used.
  • Payment plans are term specific and offered only in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Balances from prior semesters may not be carried forward.  You must have a balance of $100 or greater.
    • Payment plans are not available for Summer terms for Undergraduate and Graduate students.  If you are registered for multiple terms for Summer you can pay for each term separately.  Tuition is due by the first day of class for each term.
    • Summer rent for Opus Hall and Davis Square residents can be paid monthly.  Rent is due mid-May, June 1, and July 1.
  • Payment plans will not automatically update.  If you have any additional charges or credits added to your account you will need to manually adjust your plan to capture these changes.  If you need assistance making a change please contact the Business Office.  Any adjustments must be made at least 5 business days prior to the next date of withdrawal from your account.

Payment Methods

  • Automatic bank payment from a checking or savings account
  • Credit/Debit card payment (an additional 2.75% fee will be assessed per transaction processed)

 Cost to Participate

  • $25 enrollment fee per semester (must manually enroll each semester)
  • $30 non-refundable fee if payment is returned

 Simple Steps to Enroll (Students)

  • Login through NEST under the Student/Faculty link.
  • Select the "Student Accounts" tab on the top of the page.
  • Select "Enroll in Monthly Tuition Payment Plan (MET)."
  • Select "Set Up a Payment Plan" and follow the enrollment steps on screen.

Simple Steps to Enroll (Authorized Parties)

  • Login to Nelnet directly.
  • Select "Set Up a Payment Plan" and follow the enrollment steps on screen.
  • Note: The student must give you access as an Authorized Party before you will be able to login.  Please have the student follow the instructions provided here.

Professional Program Students

Students in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and AJD Law who will be attending 3 full semesters (Summer, Fall, & Spring) for the current academic year can review payment plan options at the MET Payment Plan for Professionals site.

Accelerated Nursing Students

Please contact the Business Office to set up a manual payment plan.

Multiple Failed Payment Policy

The MET Payment Plan is offered to students and their authorized users/parties as a monthly installment automatic withdrawal system used to pay any outstanding debts on a student's tuition account.  The plan is configured on a per-semester basis and is set up to pay the current semester in full, with a maximum of 6 monthly payments available.  MET Payment Plan users will be automatically disenrolled from the program if they have more than three returned payments in any one semester.  A Business Office Tuition Account Hold will be placed on the student account until the balance has been paid in full.  The payment will have a processing hold until the method of payment has had sufficient time to clear the account.  The student will not be allowed to register for future courses, obtain a diploma, or receive transcripts until the hold has been released.  Users will be required to wait 24 hours after a hold has been placed to sign up for a new MET Payment Plan (for a future semester).  The student and their authorized users/parties will receive an email notification that the MET Payment Plan is cancelled/terminated.  Ten business days will be given to remit payment in full to the University without additional penalty.  If the payment has not been received in full within 10 business days, regardless of postmark date, late fees will begin to accrue on the student account monthly.  Late fees will not be waived.  After the Payment Plan has been terminated for the current semester it cannot be reinstated.  However, students will be allowed to use the Payment Plan again during a future semester should they choose to do so.

Parent / Authorized User Payment Plan Site

Parents and Authorized Users may login directly to the Nelnet site for payment plans at

Students will need to use their NEST account to login.

Important Dates for 2018-2019 Academic Year

You must be enrolled in a MET Payment Plan by the Last Payment Date for each semester to avoid late fees.  Late fees added to the tuition account will not be waived for failure to sign up on time.

Enrollment before the first billing cycle will require you to estimate your costs until the bill has been issued.  If you require assistance with an estimation, please contact the Business Office.

Fall 2018

Payment plan application will be available May 1, 2018.

Spring 2019

Payment plan application will be available November 1, 2018.

Estimation Tool

Click here for tuition rates and fees.