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Millicent L . Palmer, MD

Associate Professor

Millicent Palmer


School of Medicine

Millicent L . Palmer, MD

Associate Professor




Associate Professor


  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
    Kleinert RW, Palmer M: Anti-inflammatory Agents. In Infections of the Eye, 2nd edition, RA Hyndiuk, K Tabbara (eds 1996
  • W.B. Saunders Co.
    Palmer M, Hyndiuk RA:  Toxicology of Anti-inflammatory Drugs. In: Principles and Practices of Ophthalmology: The Harvard System, D Albert, F Jakobiec (eds.)  1994


  • I have accepted a publication assignment for XPharm, Elsevier Science Incorporated, with Dr Dowd and Dr. Abel in the Dept of Pharmacology. This is an on-line reference publication. I will focus on common ocular disorders and their clinical pharmacology applications. Topics to be included are: anisocoria, ocular infections, ocular allergy and other immune-mediated disorders of the conjunctiva, cornea and sclera.


  • Association of University Professors in Ophthalmology (AUPO)Workshop: The Role of Optometry in VHA                                                                                2016
  • Gifford Truhlsen Day Case Presentation and Panelist                                          2015
  • AUPO Panelist: Workshop - Resident Cataract Surgery in the VA                      2015
  • 'Glaucoma' Nebraska Minority Health Conference Department of Health Human Services 2003
  • TV - NAACPP 2003
  • 'Glaucoma Awareness' 2003
  • 'Age-Related Ocular Disorders' Senior Partners 2002


  • Secretariat Award
    American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Bulldog Award
    American Academy of Ophthalmology, State Government Affairs

  • Carl Camras Teacher of the Year Award
    Carl Camras Teacher of the Year Award