"The John P. Fahey Career Center is named in honor of my brother, John Fahey, JD '71, who has been a lifelong source of support and inspiration to me.  His devotion to Omaha and Creighton University, along with his constant encouragement, allowed me to finish my college education here.  His guidance saw me through the early death of our father.  His advice and intelligence helped me start my own business.  His willingness to give back to our community served as my example for public service. 

Throughout my entire life, my brother has provided me with never-ending, unconditional love and support.  My debt to my brother is one that I will never be able to repay.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to show him a small token of my appreciation by naming the Creighton University Career Center in his honor."

            --Hon. Michael G. Fahey, BA '73 
               Mayor, City of Omaha, 2001-2009

Dedicated December 9, 2008

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