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Career Programs & Courses














The John P. Fahey Career Center offers several programs and courses to facilitate career discernment, experiential learning, and a seamless transition to professional life.

EDGE Scholars Program

The EDGE Scholars Program is a four-year career and professional development program that engages students in four phases of theoretical and practical experiences: first phase - development and discernment (EDGE 102); second phase - experiential learning and reflection; third phase - leadership and service; fourth phase - professional preparation and transition. Students explore occupation options and learn the basics of career preparedness while practically applying skills in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and networking to connect to internships, study abroad experiences, research, service, and employment.

EDGE Internship Program

The EDGE Internship Program is a carefully supervised, on-campus learning experience where students have purposeful professional objectives and learning outcomes to aid in their career development. The program provides a hands-on method for students to validate their choice of major and/or career field while obtaining real-world experience. Students are coached and mentored by participating Creighton University faculty and staff members to learn successful behaviors and skills needed in the workplace today. The on-campus internships offered through this program provide valuable experience for students just starting out on their professional journey.

Career Portfolio Program

The Career Portfolio Program, required for all Heider College of Business undergraduate students, provides an integrated and directed approach to the career development process. This four-year program presents the foundations for assessing strengths and interests, exploring career options, developing a professional résumé, sharpening interviewing skills, learning effective networking strategies, executing a successful internship or job search, preparing for the graduate or professional school process, and focusing on career management as a life-long process.

EDGE 102 - Introduction to Discernment and Experiential Learning

This 0 credit hour course is designed to provide career exploration, vocational discernment, and professional development opportunities for students. Lectures, assessments, and guest speakers will encourage students to explore occupational options while also practically applying skills in networking and professional development. Topics covered will include vocational exploration, values assessment, resume development, interviewing skills, and networking strategies. Following successful course completion, students may be eligible to apply for priority interviews for paid on-campus internships, a study abroad stipend, and access to special events.

PSY 367 - Contemporary Trends: Career Development in Psychology

This hybrid on-line and in-person course is designed to provide career exploration, vocational discernment, and professional development opportunities for Psychology majors. Through lectures, assignments, and site visits, students will explore potential career options, learn about and develop career related tools, and engage in discernment and career planning unique to their interests, skills, and goals. Emphasis will be placed on providing students direction in identifying personal characteristics and skills associated with Psychology coursework that maximize the students? likelihood of career success upon graduation.