Researching Employers & Professions

Researching Employers & Professions

Researching a company is an important aspect of the job search process and serves three purposes:

  1. Research provides in-depth knowledge about the company. This information helps candidates determine organizational fit.
  2. Information obtained will assist with interview preparation. 
  3. Demonstrates to the employer your sincere interest in the company and knowledge of its goals and mission.

How to obtain information:

Information can be obtained by reading company literature and annual reports, reviewing web pages, reading news articles, reviewing company reviews on, and conducting informal and/or informational interviews with current or former employees.

Please see the Internship & Job Search Resources, including Vault, on our website to find detailed information on career and company research, Internet resources, publications, company and ranking lists, career books, and professional associations.  

Research Questions:

  • How did the organization get started, who started it, and how long has it been in existence?
  • Who is the President?  CEO?
  • Who are some of the major officers, board members or stockholders?
  • What is the organization's culture?
  • What is the organization's primary function and who are its customers?
  • What products are manufactured, distributed, or sold?
  • What market(s) does it serve?
  • Who is the organization's competition?
  • What are the sales, assets, and earnings?
  • Is the organization expanding, cutting back, or shifting emphasis?
  • What are the funding sources?
  • How big is the organization, division, or subsidiary?
  • How many employees are there?
  • What is the organizational structure?
  • Are there other locations of the organization's plant or office?
  • How is the organization ranked within the industry?
  • Have there been any significant changes in the organization in recent years?