EDGE Mentoring

EDGE Mentoring

The Importance of a Mentor

Connect with Alumni or Friends of Creighton

Mentoring is a great way to develop both personally and professionally. A mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial in that it engages the mentor to reflect on experiences and provide insight, and aids the mentee in developing further understanding of self through a trusted support system.

The EDGE Mentoring program engages with the Creighton community, along with Creighton alumni and friends, to share knowledge and develop relationships for the benefit of our students. The mentoring experience is invaluable in helping a student discern what the best path is for them and professionally develop the student to meet their future goals.

If you are interested in participating in the EDGE Mentoring program and being matched with a mentor, please complete the following:

After all information is received, you will be matched to an alumnus or friend of Creighton based on the information provided.

*Please note: must be 19 years or older to participate - currently accepting Junior and Senior and above. EDGE Mentoring will work to match based on interests of the mentee, which may be related to field of interest or other attributes.