African Studies Minor

African Studies Minor

Any Creighton student looking to engage Africa during or after college should do so through an informed academic lens. Toward this end, African Studies offers a flexible 18-hour Undergraduate Minor through the College of Arts and Sciences. We have included below African Studies classes that are currently offered at Creighton. In addition to being listed under African Studies (AFS), most of these courses can count toward Creighton’s Black Studies (BKS) Minor. New courses are also being developed in light of faculty interests and Creighton’s new Magis Core.

Please contact AFS program director Dr. Jay Carney ( if you are interested in discussing the possibilities of an African Studies Minor for your degree program here at Creighton.

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Sample Core Classes

HIS 172

Globalization and Leadership in Africa (Critical Issues in Human Inquiry)

ANT 179

Encountering Africa: Experiencing our Shared Humanity (Critical Issues in Human Inquiry)

PLS 311

Politics of Africa

ENG 390

Introduction to African Literature

Sample Elective Classes

ANT 307

Demography: World Population Issues

THL 309

Ultimate Questions - African Theology

ANT 317

Global Health: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach

CNE 349

Egyptian Art & Archaeology

HIS 388

Origins of Modern Africa

ENG 398

Literature of Francophone Africa

PSY 428

Multicultural Issues in Psychology

PLS 435

Global Poverty and Development

THL 443

(FLPA): Ecclesiology in Global Context: Tanzania

HIS 485

History of West Africa

HIS 486

Women and Gender in Africa

THL 589

The Rwanda Genocide as a Challenge for the Church

AFS 400

Seminar in African Studies

AFS 493

Directed Independent Readings

AFS 495

Directed Independent Research

In Development: Medicine in African and African Diaspora History