Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses

AMS 307: Introduction to American Studies

This course provides an introduction to the field of American Studies, which seeks to understand the complex reality of "the American experience" in all its variety.  Topics include the history of American Studies as a discipline as well as its methodologies, central concepts, and emerging questions.  Students will examine a broad topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives, with an emphasis on developing and employing the methodological tools common to contemporary American Studies scholarship.  The topic/content areas will be selected by the instructor, based upon his/her area of scholarly expertise.

AMS 308: Theories and Methods in American Studies

This course introduces students to prevailing theories and methodologies in American Studies.  Students will examine in a critical fashion interdisciplinary studies of the meaning and significance of "Americanness" in historical, cross-cultural, and even trans-national contexts.  The complex relationships between ethnic, religious, racial, and ideological groups in American society will receive critical attention.

AMS 391: Senior Seminar in American Studies

A research seminar required of all American Studies majors and co-majors.