Culture week educates (September 19, 2013)

Source: The Creightonian
Published: September 19, 2013
By: Erin Kurvers
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Creighton University hosted its ninth annual Asian Culture Week recently which included several lectures, discussions and presentations all revolving around the theme “Talk of Asia: Peace, Society, and the Business World.”

Jinmei Yuan, co-director of the university’s non-western cultural committee, lectured for the event and has also been involved in the planning of the week since its formation in 2005.

Yuan explained that in 2005, Creighton was not very well educated about Asian culture, and the non-western cultural committee felt the need to introduce Asia to the them.

Since 2005, the Asian World Center has been created and the center, along with other various grants and donations, now help the non-western cultural committee and Asian Culture Week continue exposing the Creighton community to Asian culture.

Yuan hoped that through attending Asian Culture Week events, students’ sense of wonder was enhanced and eyes were opened to other cultures. She explained that as citizens of one of the leading countries of the world, it is important that students do not immediately come to the conclusion that their ways of going about things are always the best. Asia contributes enormously to the world today and it is important to understand its cultures and viewpoints in order to promote conversation and dialogue.

“Sometimes we are like fish living in our own small fish tank, we only know our water, and don’t know that there are other fish tanks out there,” Yuan said.“[Asian Culture Week] is one way to help students to jump out of their own fish tank.”
Susan Thomas, senior administrative assistant of the Asian World Center, said in an email that Asian Culture Week is a way in which the Asian World Center hopes to spread knowledge of the diverse history, economics, culture and philosophy of Asian countries.

“The many events during Asian Culture Week are intended to celebrate this wonderful diversity and enlarge the borders of our understanding,” Thomas said.
Some Creighton students are recognizing the importance of learning about the Asian community in the changing world.

It’s one of the most rapidly developing regions of the world right now, and it’s important that Creighton informs its students and community about pressing issues in Asia because it is all relevant,” said College of Business sophomore Devon Nako, who attended  some of the events.

Through participation in Asian Culture Week, the Asian World Center hopes that students will develop the knowledge vital to enabling communication between people of different backgrounds with respect and understanding, Thomas said.
Creighton University is a school that fosters learning and using your mind to its fullest potential. Asian Culture Week provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of other cultures, diversifying their education even further.