Dr. Patrick Murray and Dr. Jinmei Yuan Visit Hohai University (June 7-13, 2013)

English Translation of Original Article:

June 7-14, 2013: Invited by Dean Yudahui of Hohai University’s School of Marxism, Creighton University Professors Patrick Murray and Jinmei Yuan visited and gave lectures to and engaged in discussions with the school’s faculty and students.

June 7, 2013: Dr. Patrick Murray gave a lecture in room 320 entitled “Value and Capital: Marx’s Borderline”. Dr. Murray lectured on and critiqued misunderstandings of several core Marxist concepts. Dr. Murray argued that Marx’s “value” can not be understood as meaning unclear “utility,” nor are Marx’s ideas of “value”, “use-value”, or “exchange-value” to be simply equated. Dr. Murray also differentiated “capital” and “resource” in that “capital” should not be construed as any kind of “resource” so today’s intellectual “social capital” is often an empty and false concept. In his last lecture, Dr. Murray spoke of “subsumption of capital” and how the world capital of Europe today and the logic of capitalism penetrates into every aspect of society in general. His lecture provided a wonderfully deep analysis.

June 13, 2013: Dr. Jinmei Yuan gave a seminar in room 320 entitled “Clearness vs. Openness: The Difference between Chinese and Western Logics.” Dr. Yuan talked about and distinguished the Aristotelian “logic world” and the “real world”, going on to explain how western society inherited the ancient Greek “Principle of Identity” as the basic unit used in logical thinking, analyses, and language. Chinese society, on the other hand, has pursued poetic language since ancient times and focuses on the essence of things, embedding openness in its logic. Dr. Yuan provided an overview of contemporary western “model logic” and its latest developments while pointing out different paths of western logic.  

The lectures given by Drs. Murray and Yuan left a profound impression with the faculty and students, offered invaluable resources and academic information, and served to effectively strengthen and deepen relations between Hohai and Creighton University.

Above: Creighton's Dr. Patrick Murray and Hohai School of Marxism Dean Yu Dahuai

Above: Dr. Jinmei Yuan and Dr. Patrick Murray during the seminar

Above: Dr. Jinmei Yuan lectures about Western and Chinese logic