The Policy


ISSN 2332-7642 (print)

ISSN 2332-7650 (online)

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Publication Information

Publication Name: The Policy

Publication Tagline: Presenting a new generation and perspective for global policy.

Publication Distribution: Published on a monthly basis, collected into an anthology each year. Articles will be sent to relevant policy makers selected by the Executive Board and upon request.

Publication Start Date: February 2014

Publisher: Asian World Center

Publication Format: Print (Limited Edition), also available online at

Publication Address:
Asian World Center
Becker Hall G25
Creighton University
Omaha, NE 68178 USA
(402) 280-3657

Publication Structure: The Policy will be framed around a three tier structure so as to provide for a strong and effective publication.

Tier One - Executive Board: Publisher, Lead Professor, Copy Editor, and Main Contributors.
Current Executive Board:

  • Maorong Jiang: Lead Professor
  • Andrew Trapp: Managing Editor, Copy Editor, Translation Coordinator
  • Davis Florick: Main Contributor (EWS Student)
  • Scott Jordan: Main Contributor (EWS Student)

Tier Two - Editorial Board: Distinguished selection of academics and former policy-makers who guide draft documents and advise on new topics.
Current Editorial Board:

  • Maorong Jiang: Editor-in-Chief
  • Dr. Jinmei Yuan
  • Dr. Kenneth Wise
  • Dr. Bette Evans
  • Dr. Yu Rui: Chinese Translator (Visiting Scholar of AWC)

Tier Three - Other Contributors: Composed of other authors or sponsors of The Policy.

Publication Mission Statement:
A cosmopolitan group of experts in the field of international relations bringing together their diverse talents and expertise to provide a unique perspective on foreign policy-making.