Visiting Scholars


Yu Rui 俞睿 
Section Chief, Office of International Exchange & Cooperation
Nanjing University of the Arts
Nanjing, China
At Creighton: Sept. 2013 - Feb. 2014

Dr. Yu Rui received his BA and MA in English, Literature and Culture from Nanjing International Studies University. He finished his doctoral studies in 2011 and received his Ph.D. in American Literature from Nanjing University. Prior to his role as section chief at the Office of International Exchange & Cooperation at Nanjing University of the Arts (NUA) in 2007, Dr. Yu taught English to university students for six years. Since 2007, he was been in charge of coordinating and participating in various academic exchanges at NUA and has helped establish collaborative exchange programs and partnerships with more than 30 universities around the world. As a planner, coordinator and translator, he has been helping to assert the importance of and promote international education and cultural exchange. Dr. Yu has combiled books such as "Interpreting Training" and his works, such as "A Study of the Gender Issue in T.S. Eliot's Poems," have been published in reputable academic journals across China.

Zhou Jun 周隽 (Visiting Guest)
Assistant Professor, School of Film and Television
Nanjing University of the Arts
Nanjing, China
At Creighton: Sept. 2013 - October 2013

Dr. Zhou Jun is an associate professor at Nanjing University of the Arts (NUA) in Nanjing, China. Dr. Zhou is a multidisciplinary Chinese scholar whose main research focus is on Chinese film and television. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in broadcast journalism from the world-renowned Communication University of China in Beijing, famous for its programs in mass media and journalism. In 2010, Dr. Zhou received her Ph.D. in film studies from NUA. Apart from her continuous efforts in academic-related activities and research, Dr. Zhou has also actively participated in the production of short films and television programs in China, such as “Yangzhou Talent Show” and “Blooming Orchid”. She was awarded a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council and spent six months at the University of Essex as a visiting scholar. She worked intensively with the faculty in the Department of Film Studies in the university's East 15 Acting School and from the experience, gained unique insight into furthering her research about Chinese films.

Guo Shaoqing 
Ph.D. Candidate
Wuhan University, Law School
Wuhan, China
At Creighton: April 2013 - April 2014

Ms. Guo Shaoqing is a Ph.D. candidate at Wuhan University's Research Institute of Environmental Law in Wuhan, China. She received her first BA in Law and a second BA in Journalism in 2009 from Wuhan University and in September 2009 passed the National Bar Examination before going on to earn her MA in Environmental Law in 2011 from Wuhan University. She is working closely with both Creighton's School of Law and College of Arts & Sciences and taking classes to help with her Ph.D. dissertation research which she hopes to complete in 2014. In addition to her research, Ms. Guo actively participates in campus activities and organizations and enjoys teaching/tutoring Chinese language, history and culture in Omaha.

Bi Xia 毕霞 
Hohai University, School of Marxism
Nanjing, China
At Creighton: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Bi Xia is from Hohai University in Nanjing, China, where she serves as professor and master tutor within Hohai University’s School of Marxism (examples of courses taught include “The Process of Marxism in China” and “Introduction to National Social Service”) and as the director of the Institute of Water Resources and Social Development. She graduated from Shandong University’s Department of Philosophy in 1986 after which she began to teach in Hohai University where she also received a master’s degree in law in ideological and political education. Ms. Bi has presided over the completion of more than 10 provincial and ministerial research projects, has published more than 50 papers related to nonprofit research and is currently the editor of the publication “Introduction to Scientific Socialism” (Anhui University Press). She has received 5 provincial and ministerial awards for her teaching, speaking and other work. Her main research areas include foreign politics, nonprofit management and water conservancy/environmentalism & government responsibility.


Wei Wei 魏玮 
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Shanghai, China
At Creighton: August 2012 - August 2013

Dr. Wei Wei received her Ph.D. in Intellectual Property Law from China's Southwest University of Political Sciences and Law in 2005. For more than ten years prior to 2005, she worked as a judge in the High People's Court in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. During her time at Creighton, she has taken several law courses at Creighton's School of Law including Patent Law, Trademark Law and Unfair Competition, and Copyright Law. In addition, she has participated in many events and programs including moot court, red mass, lectures, and meetings with Nebraska's Business Development Center (NBDC). Dr. Wei Wei has used these and other experiences at Creighton in her writings for the China Intellectual Property Newspaper (published by China's State Intellectual Property Office) as well as other academic reviews about American IP law practices. In her spare time, she also volunteers tutoring Creighton students in Chinese language.