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Tea Talk Asia

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Production Team

Host & Producer:
Cindy Workman

Scott Jordan

Executive Producer:
Maorong Jiang

Managing Producer:
Andrew Trapp


Voices on Asia is a production of the Asian World Center (AWC) at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. The executive producer is Maorong Jiang, director of the AWC and an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations.

Voices on Asia is a radio program about Asia told by the people of Asia, those who live there or have a significant role or relationship with Asia.

Tea Talk Asia

Tea Talk Asia is a subsidiary show of the Voices on Asia program and general project designed to present a casual, yet inquisitive approach to the mutual issues and events of the United States, Asia, and the World to the end of informing the audience and fostering a necessary global dialogue. Through collected Asian headline news, in-depth interviews, and the promotion of public discussion and thought, Tea Talk Asia is aimed at university students, faculty, and staff, both past and present, as well as the local community so as to provide an Eastern lens through which to see the globe for what otherwise is a one-sided Western perspective.  Partnered with the Asian World Center, the producers of Tea Talk Asia work diligently on each episode to inform and engage their audience in the world around us. Click here to listen.

Special Reports

Special Reports takes an in-depth look into the stories that travel through Voices on Asia.  Through audio, video, and images Special Reports goes beyond the headlines and between the news ticks to deliver all sides of the important stories coming out of Asia that travel to the West with global ramifications.  Through pressing interviews, on sight photographs, and up to the minute research, Voices on Asia brings to light key news items through an East-West lens. Click here to listen.