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The CSS Experience

"[This] department shaped me into the student I am today. I would not be as successful without the support and help from the professors in the deaprtment." ~ Nora Frigo, Medical Anthropology major (2015), attending Creighton's School for Occupational Therapy in the fall.

"I was a Medical Anthropology major and Biology minor. I will be doing an internship with Greek InterVarsity, a college student ministry, at Creighton for 2 years, as well as medical scribing at Think Whole Person Healthcare. I'm planning to attend school to be a Physician's Assistant at the end of my two year commitment." ~ Melanie Kim, Class of 2015



SOC 314: Statistics for the Social Sciences                                                       Dr. Greenberg, Fall and Spring Semester

Cultural and Social Studies

We are a unique and complex department made up of several disciplines and individual programs. Each discipline and/or program has its own Director under the umbrella of one Department Chair. We work together as an inter-discplinary unit exemplifying what it means to be One Creighton.

Department Leaders:

Chair: Dr. Alex Roedlach, Associate Professor

Justice and Peace Studies: Dr. Daniel DiLeo, Director, Assistant Professor

Social Work: Ms. Monica White, Director, Assistant Professor

Health Administration & Policy: Ms. Susan Walsh, Director

Medical Anthropology: Dr. Alex Roedlach, Associate Professor

Cultural Anthropology Dr. Barbara Dilly, Professor of Anthropology

Sociology: Dr. Ryan Wishart, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Criminal Justice: Dr. Dawn Irlbeck, Associate Professor Criminal Justice

Office Coordinator: Ms. Angela Batson