Energy Star Opportunities

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Energy Star Opportunities

Energy star is an energy efficiency program created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). The program creates international standards for energy efficient consumer products such as appliances, computers, lighting, heating and cooling systems, etc.

The program allows commercial sized buildings and facilities to receive an energy efficiency rating and allows building owners and employees to track and assess energy and water usage for one's building or one's entire portfolio of buildings.

The Creighton Energy Science program offers a course teaching students about Energy Star. As an exercise, students work with Omaha businesses interested in setting up an Energy Star account. Students obtain utility statements from the business and upload the information into the Portfolio Manager. This is mutually beneficial for the business and the students; businesses receive a functional Energy Star account which they can use to lower utility costs and students learn about energy in the built environment while simultaneously gaining valuable experience in energy rating systems.

Buildings that Creighton students have analyzed include:
- Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Building
- Holy Cross School
- Saint Bernadette School
- OEDC Jewell Building
- Siena/Francis Baright Shelter

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