Program Learning Objectives

Program Overview

B.S. in Sustainable Energy Science Learning Objectives:

- Graduates will be able to explain the basic principles of energy production, energy transfer, and energy distribution, as well as the human and political factors involved with changing the way that energy is supplied.
- Graduates will be able to explain the engineering design process and will have hands-on experience with the design process.
- Graduates will have knowledge of Ignatian Pedagogy and will have developed related life-long learning skills.
- Graduates will be able to communicate technology to a wide variety of audiences.
- Graduates will be able to explain effective project team operation and will have worked effectively in this environment.
- Graduates should emerge from the program having demonstrated a commitment to social and global responsibility including an awareness of Catholic Social Teaching.
- Graduates will demonstrate advanced problem solving skills.
- Graduates will know the detailed principles of at least one energy production method and will have related production and operation experience.
- Graduates will have obtained the competencies needed for graduate study in at least one area of science, mathematics or engineering or an entry-level position in a technology related field.