Energy Club

Energy Club

Club President

Gunnar Nelson

Vice President

Teresa Kooima

Electric cars, flexible solar cells, underwater wave turbines... all new ways of looking at the ways we produce and use energy.​

The world's energy consumption is constantly changing. Renewables are becoming cheaper and more efficient, climate change is altering our living conditions, and the need for more energy is consistently growing. For these reasons and more, diversification and research of alternative energy production is vital for human survival on this planet.

This club will work with students who are interested in learning more about progression in the energy sector; whether it is research, technology, or national strategies. The interests of members will drive and direct the discussions to focus on topics that are relevant and innovative.

By working with local community organizations, the energy club will organize events for student immersion in the community through conferences, workshops, and more. A critical point of this organization is to help students locate professional opportunities in the energy field, locally or abroad. Through personal experience and connections, this club will work to foster relationships that each student can take beyond his/her undergraduate studies.

Everyone is welcome!