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In accordance with the character and goals of Creighton University, the Department of English and the programs it offers promote the intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth of Creighton students through the study of the English language; American, British, and Irish literature; World, Ethnic, Women's and Minority literature; Creative Writing and the Language Arts. English major programs provide graduates with a solid knowledge of their field, critical thinking and writing skills, and the values and ethical background necessary for becoming active, productive, and successful members of society. A training in English at Creighton endows a graduate with a well-rounded education, a broad perspective on human issues, a tolerant and respectful attitude toward diversity, and an approach to work and human interactions based on love, kindness, and commitment to service to the human community.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

The recently revised English curriculum has been designed in order to provide flexibility for both majors and faculty. Under this curriculum, it's possible to satisfy major requirements in a wide variety of ways. Students who want to focus on specific areas may specialize in  American literature, British literature, Irish literature, Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition Studies, and English Education and still be able to pursue other areas of interest. In short, the new curriculum is more student-centered than the old.

The BA in English requires a total of thirty-six credit hours. Twenty-one of these hours are required of all English majors. An additional fifteen hours are chosen by the student, depending on specialization or interests.

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Master of Arts (M.A.) in English

As a graduate student in English, youíll have the opportunity to choose from 3 concentrations:

Creative Writing
The creative writing track includes literature seminars and a core of workshops that allow writers to share their work in a professional and mentored environment. They typically take creative writing workshops alongside students in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. This is a good option for those who wish to develop writing as a creative practice alongside scholarly research and methodologies.

Combining period-specific seminars with foundation and practicum courses, this program of study may be used to develop strengths or explore new areas in the study of literature.

Rhetoric and Composition
The particular combination of theoretical, practical and ethnographic courses keep those enrolled at the cutting edge of composition scholarship, while providing a way to use new knowledge to improve teaching, learning and literacy.

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The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Program

The Creighton University Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is a two-year residential program whose focus is on the book. Students work toward creating book-length manuscripts and prepare them for publication through a series of workshops, craft classes, and literature seminars taught from the point-of-view of a publishing writer. Eight-week terms provide flexible scheduling that include built-in writing time. Students develop their writing skills at the same time that they learn to become contributing members of the literary community. Full and half fellowships are available, as well as teaching opportunities and real-world experience in editing and publishing.

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