Why HAP?

  • Interdisciplinary study: Social Science, Business, Healthcare
  • Knowledge of the healthcare environment
  • Healthcare systems and organizations
  • Communication and relationship Management
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Assessment, development, planning & analysis
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Professionalism

Interested in HAP?

To receive regular updates, email Hailey Froehlich to be added to the HAP listserve.

HAPSA Executive Committee Elections

Want to become a leader and more involved in the HAP major? Consider running for an executive position! All positions are available.  All we need from you is a completed application to be eligible. We will be collecting information from individuals running, holding a general election and announcing the results all during the month of April. 


Here are the positions:

  • President - Plans and facilitates HAPSA and executive meetings, delegates tasks and handles meeting notes, emails the list serves about upcoming events, meets and speaks with prospective and current students
  • VP of Programming - Contacts and networks with potential speakers and helps plan other HAPSA events, updates the HAPSA Facebook page about upcoming events
  • VP of Administration and Marketing - Handles paperwork and facilitating marketing of meetings and events for HAPSA, takes and distributes the minutes at Exec meetings, reserves rooms for HAPSA events, produces the HAP Newsletter once a semester
  • VP of Finance & Alumni Relations- Handles HAPSA finances and student organization funds with Creighton Federal; plans potential fundraising events; compiles, organizes, and updates the Creighton University HAP Alumni document
  • VP of Membership Development - Recruits members by visiting HAP 200 courses, recruits at the student involvement fairs, meets and speaks with prospective and current HAPSA members
  • VP of Information Technology - Completes website training, updates website regularly, manages HAP and HAPINTEREST list serves, takes and adds names from events to list serves, assists in the production of the HAP Newsletter once a semester


Look here for the application. Good luck!