Ashton Welch History Fellows

Ashton Welch History Fellows Program

The Ashton Welch History Fellows Program is the premier scholarship and training program for the study of history at Creighton. It supports undergraduate historical research and career preparation by providing funding, mentoring, and supplemental programming.

Welch Fellows will receive $2500 per year for up to four years ($10,000 total) for educational expenses. These expenses may include tuition, internship stipends, research funds, subsidies for Creighton study abroad programs, and other pre-approved activities. Welch Fellows will have faculty mentors and will be invited to participate in special programming like meetings with visiting scholars and career preparation workshops.

The Creighton University Department of History encourages students to pursue their interests and discover new ones through active engagement in historical inquiry. Students  will not just study history; they will do it. We seek highly motivated students who have the desire to engage in classroom debate, to explore archives and museums, and to speak with participants in important historical events. We offer mentored research opportunities  with influential scholars; internships in cultural institutions and businesses; study abroad in Ireland, the Philippines, and other countries; the chance to present and publish original work in a variety of venues; and an innovative program in Digital Humanities.

Fellowship Requirements: 

  • Enroll in HIS 290 in the first year at Creighton
  • Declare a History major by the fall of the second year
  • Maintain good academic standing and a minimum 2.75 GPA (in the major and overall)
  • Join and maintain active membership in the History Society
  • Participate in history department programming, recruitment, including the annual Horning Lecture and special events sponsored by the Casper and Morrison Chairs.

Application Requirements: 

  • Upload a 300-word statement of interest in the History Fellows program
  • Submit written work that demonstrates evidence of scholarly preparation and interest in history. Examples: graded coursework, research from programs like National History Day, etc.  Submission should be no more than three pages.
  • In addition to completing this application, you are required to participate in an interview to be considered for the Ashton Welch History Fellows Program. Interviews will be conducted on campus during the Special Programs Day held on Sunday, January 27, 2019. Applicants are highly encouraged to attend the Special Programs Day. If you are unable to attend, phone interviews will occur January 14-25, 2019.

Applications for the Ashton Welch History Fellows Program can be submitted online through the Creighton Admissions Student Portal.


For questions and additional information, please contact:

Dr. Tracy Leavelle
Associate Dean for Humanities and Fine Arts


Dr. Mike Hawkins, Chair
Department of History


Current Welch Fellows

Grace Boothe (Class of 2020)
Amanda Brewster (Class of 2021)
Megan Brookhouser (Class of 2019)
Katherine Consola (Class of 2019)
Mallory Cranwell (Class of 2019)
Kalina Damfebo (Class of 2020)
Olivia Fuson (Class of 2020)