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History Practicum

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The History Practicum Program is a for-credit apprenticeship program for advanced history majors seeking experience and instruction in teaching, publishing, research, or other areas of professional practice. Semester-long apprenticeships are available based upon instructor and student demand and can range from one to three credits.

Examples of practicum projects include:


Advanced history majors serve as a teaching assistant to a professor in an introductory course. Teaching practicum students assist students in small-group discussions, provide tutoring and assistance during regular office hours, teach a small unit of course material, and participate in weekly course planning sessions. Students are expected to complete readings on the practice of history education and to submit written work as assigned by the instructor.

The History Department is home to Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research. Advanced history majors in a publishing practicum will assist the editorial staff with processing manuscripts, maintaining the journalís social media presence, and production of issues. Weekly discussions, readings about publishing history, and written assignments will be required.

Faculty members may seek advanced history majors for assistance with large-scale research projects that may include locating, cataloging, translating, or analyzing documents; conducting oral history interviews; writing small segments of research; developing digital projects; and many other assignments depending upon the faculty member and the project. Generally, research practicum students will need to have successfully completed HIS 490: Advanced Research Seminar, and will be expected to read on the state of the instructorís particular research field.