John Calvert

John Calvert, PhD

John Calvert, PhD

Humanities Center 224

John Calvert

Dr. John Calvert teaches courses related to the medieval and modern periods of Middle East history. His research has focused on the Muslim Brotherhood and various jihadi groups – especially how these organizations employ symbols and doctrines from the Islamic heritage. He is currently researching British discourses on Pan-Islam 1880-1914.


PhD (1994), McGill University, 
Diploma (1988), American University in Cairo
MA (1984), McGill University
MA (1981), University of Toronto
BA (1978), University of Alberta

Courses Taught

Islam and the World
Muhammad and the Rise of Islam
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
History of Modern Egypt
State and Society in the Modern Middle East


Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism. (New York and London: Columbia University Press/Hurst, 2010; New York: Oxford University Press, 2010); in alliance with American University in Cairo Press, 2011 (360 pages).

Sayyid Qutb, A Child from the Village, translated, edited and introduced by John Calvert and William Shepard (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 2004); in alliance with American University in Cairo Press, 2005.

Islamism: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide (Westview, CT: Greenwood Press, 2007). Reprinted Pentagon Press, New Delhi in association with Praeger Security International.

Divisions within Islam. World of Islam series (Philadelphia: Mason Crest, 2009). (120 pages). [Educational]

The Arabian Peninsula in the Age of Oil (Broomhall, PA: Mason Crest Publishers, 2007). [educational]

Recent Articles

“The Roots of Islamism and Islamist Violence,” Randall D. Law, ed The Routledge History of Terrorism (New York: Routledge 2015), 258-269.

“The Historical Contingency of Islamist Discourse in Egypt: Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood,” Orient 1/2013, 45-55.

“Wayward Son: The Brother’s Reception of Sayyid Qutb,” The Muslim Brothers in Europe: Burdens of the Past, Challenges for the Future, eds. Roel Meijer/Edwin Bakker (London: Hurst & Co., 2012), 249-272.

“Regional Struggle in the Shadow of Pan-Islamic Militancy: Examples from Indonesia and Bosnia,” Orient IV/2011, 32-6.

“‘The World is an Undutiful Boy!’ Sayyid Qutb’s American Experience,” Islam and Christian – Muslim Relations, vol. 11:1, March 2000, pp. 87-103.


Holder of the Casper Professorship in History, Creighton University (2007-2013).

Recognition for Sayyid Qutb and the Origins of Radical Islamism: The Atlantic Monthly (15 December 2010): “Outstanding book from 2010 in Middle East Studies; “ Foreign Policy (15 December, 2010): “best book of 2010;” The Immanent Frame, the Social Science Research Council’s blog on secularism, religion, and the public sphere, “Book of the Week,” 17 August, 2010; The Guardian (27 November, 2010), “One of the Books of the year.”

Faculty Award, Student Support Services, Creighton University, 2011.

Dean’s Award for Scholarship, Creighton College of Arts and Sciences, 2011

Dean’s Special Recognition of Casper Professorship, 8 February 2010.

Mentorship Award, presented by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States, February 25, 2008; recognizing my mentorship of Arab students at Creighton University.