Course List




MAM 676 Theology and Catechesis   A close examination of the processes of Catechesis and Theology.  Comparing and contrasting the two modes of reflection on Faith, and appreciating their interrelationship and distinctions as disciplines of sharing Faith.  3 Credit Hours


MAM 610  Introduction to the Old Testament   Introduction to the primary themes and basic concepts of prophetic and wisdom literature. Emphasis on the role and use of Scripture to transform lives and to nourish and challenge parish communities. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 620  Introduction to New Testament   Introduction to the primary themes and concepts of the Gospels and the Pauline epistles. Emphasis on the role and use of Scripture to transform lives and to nourish and challenge parish communities. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 761 Historical Development of Fundamental Doctrine   Study of the Fundamental Questions about God and faith, including especially the meaning and reality of faith, Why believe in a single God, Christian Anthropology, Trinity, Pneumatology, and the complementary roles of revelation and reason in faith. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 630 Christology  Study the mission and purpose of Jesus Christ as understood throughout the tradition of the Church. Familiarity with key concepts of Christian theological anthropology. Emphasis on the application of the life of Jesus Christ to one's individual, communal, and socio-political worlds. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 640 Ecclesiology: Theology of Church and Ministry   Study of the development of the Church from the New Testament through Vatican II and today. Emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit, ongoing ecclesial developments, the relation of lay and ordained ministry, and new understandings of church that encompass family, parish and society. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 650 Moral Theology and Decision Making   Study of the scriptural, theological, rational, and experiential foundations and principles for Catholic moral teaching. Emphasis on Catholic social thought and the application of Catholic moral principles to one's individual, communal, and socio-political worlds. 3 Credit Hours


MAM 680 Ministerial Ethics and Leadership Skills   Study of the principles and practice of ethics in relationship to ministry and ministry roles.  Course will also uncover the Character of Christian Leadership and examine group discernment skills as a tool for implementing Christian decision making.  3 Credit Hours 


MAM 660 Worship, Liturgy and Sacrament   Study of the history and development of the sacramental life of the Church as evidenced in its worship and liturgy. Emphasis on the role, process, and importance of the sacramental life for the health of parish ministry. 3 Credit Hours 


MAM 772 Canon Law, Catholic Identity & Ecumenism   Study of the Code of Canon Law and its import for pastoral ministry.  Includes also a careful look at  Catholic   values and traditions with an emphasis  on how to interact and appreciate religious beliefs and values shared by other denominations and other world religions.  3 Credit Hours


MAM 780 Christian Prayer and Spirituality Study of the theology of prayer, both public and personal.  Also includes an overview of  traditions and movements in the history of Christian spirituality. Emphasis on an appreciation of one's call to ministry and Gospel living in all dimensions of life.  3 Credit Hours


MAM 769 Historical Spiritualities in the Christian Tradition    Study of four of the major spiritual ?voices? in the Western Christian Tradition: Benedictine, Franciscan, Jesuit, and Dominican.  The Historical Context of their development, how they have influenced lay Christian life, and how they continue to contribute to living a Gospel spirituality. 3 Credit Hours    






MAM 675 Orientation to Study and Ministry - 1 credit An introduction to the demands of Graduate study.  Exploration of the motivations of those undertaking the process, opportunity to integrate the learning project with one?s on-going personal and professional life.  Includes an extended personal interview with the director of the program.


MAM 677 Personal Human and Spiritual Development of Minister - 1 credit An opportunity to investigate the stages of growth psychologically and spiritually as one grows into ministerial service.  Self examination and reflection will be centerpieces of the course which will provide an opportunity for the students to complete a lengthy self awareness profile for themselves.


MAM 678 Psychological Issues in Ministry - 1 credit   A study of the personal and familial issues that arise and demand ministerial care.  Special attention will be paid to healthy and unhealthy family patterns, incarnational spirituality, sexuality and gender in human development, power roles in society and Church.  Course will conclude with a brief look at  the problems of drug use, alcoholism, depression and suicide in the minister?s culture.


 MAM 679 Lay Spiritual Movements - 1 credit   A study of some of the contemporary spiritual movements that are achieving great success in Christian communities: Basic Christian Communities, Marriage Encounter, Cursillo, Third Order, Oblate and Associate movements with Religious Communities etc.  What do these movements offer the people to whom the minister will serve and what do they offer the minister?


MAM 792 - Internship  1-4 Credits   Immersion in the context  (or contexts) of ministry which allows one to witness to Gospel values, articulate one's call to ministry. Emphasis upon identifying, calling forth, affirming and supporting one's gifts and talents within the parish community and society.   Each project can be worth 1 - 4 credits for a total of 4.000 Credit Hours for all internship(s).


MAM 799 - Synthesis in Lay Ecclesial Ministry - 2 Credits   Understanding and application of key concepts of pastoral ministry including appropriate pastoral strategies and pastoral planning. Emphasis upon framing one's internship experience and the knowledge gleaned from previous coursework in a synthetic manner. The work of this course fulfills the Graduate School requirement of a comprehensive examination project. 2.000 Credit Hours