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Some of the following software implements algorithms described in the above textbook, others were developed for research purposes. The authors grant you the right to download and execute it for your personal use or for non-profit instructional use. Any other use, including copying, distributing or modifying the work for commercial purposes, is subject to the restrictions of U.S. Copyright Law and the Berne International Copyright Convention.

These programs will only run in the Microsoft Windows environment. You may need to install the .Net 2.0 framework from Microsoft to run these programs

         FuzzyController Mark J. Wierman. A .Net program.  Backs a truck up to a dock.

         FuzzyCluster Mark J. Wierman.  A .Net program.  Clusters data set.

         FuzzyCluster.New (Version 3) Mark J. Wierman. A .Net program. Clusters data set. Some graphing ability.

         FuzzyVoter Mark J. Wierman. A .Net program.  Calculates Max-Sets and Pareto-Sets for Three Actors with a Granularity of Five levels.


Free software for the Fuzzy Math program is available at the following address: