Creighton University started to offer Chinese language (Mandarin) class in spring 2007. 

Go to the Registrar site for the current Schedule of Courses and the Course Bulletin.

Currently, CHN 101, CHN 102, CHN 201 and CHN 202 are offered.

The CHN 101 and 102 courses introduce students to the basics of the language structure and its function in Chinese culture. The courses try to help the students with their vocabulary building and simple conversational dialogues.  The courses are designed to appreciate the culture in the Chinese language speaking world. CHN 201 and CHN 202 continue to build on and widen these structures.

For more information, contact the Chinese language instructors, Maorong Jiang at 280-2896, or Gloria Liu at 280-3480, or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at 280-2508.

More information is at the Asian World Center webpage:


Language Learning Links for Chinese from the HLRC webpage.