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JPN 101 Beginning Japanese I
Students will learn Hiragana and Katakana writing systems. Basic daily conversational expressions and sentence patterns with the formal form will be taught.

JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II
80 Kanji characters will be introduced in this class. Students will be able to recognize the formal form and the plain form.

JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
Students will learn 70 new Kanji. Proficiency-based learning is emphasized. The male and the female forms as well as colloquial talk will be learned.

JPN 202 : Intermediate Japanese II
Students will learn 150 new Kanji. Students learn to distinguish honorific expressions in different level of formalities. Cultural and social learning are also important for foreign language learning.

Currently, the following courses are offered every other year.

JPN 225: Kanji Writing
This is interdisciplinary course for the students in Japanese, Chinese, Art and other fields. It is in English and there is no pre-requisite course. Students learn the origin, structure, meaning and artistic aspects of Kanji. Calligraphy is introduced.

JPN 313: Japanese Popular Culture
This course will explore the aspects of the popular culture in Japan. It is an interdisciplinary course in English.