Richard Witmer

Dr. Richard Witmer

  • Curriculum Vitae


    Dr. Witmer has teaching and research interest in American politics and American Indian politics and policy, which he often combines in his work.  Within American politics, he specializes in Congress, interest groups, voting and elections, and US-Cuban relations.  His interest in American Indian politics and policy includes the mobilization of Indian nations and voters, political incorporation, compacting policy, and tribal/federal and tribal/state relations.

    Witmer's work on American politics and American Indian politics has appeared in a number of professional journals including The Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, Social Science Journal, Red Ink, and the Journal of American Ethnic History.  He is also co-author of Forced Federalism: Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood, University of Oklahoma Press (2008, 2011 paperback) with Jeff Corntassel.

    Dr. Witmer was also part of the Creighton University team (with Associate Political Science Professor Erika Moreno, Associate Dean of the Law School Michael Kelly, and Director of the Werner Center Patrick Borchers) that wrote the Report on the Resolution of Outstanding Property Claims Between Cuba and the United States (Creighton University Press 2007). The report, which proposes the creation of a mechanism to settle outstanding property claims by Americans against the Cuban government, was commissioned by the United States Agency for International Development and supported with a $750,000 grant.

    In his spare time, Dr. Witmer enjoys running, biking and spending time with his three children. 

    He can be contacted at 402-280-2869 (O) or