Course Worksheet

Course Worksheets

Included in the Course Worsheets is a listing of all political science classes offered, a sample four-year course plan, and worksheets to assist students in fulfilling their political science and college requirements. Click on the links below to view these great resources.

Political Science and International Relations Courses

Four Year Model Program for PLS Students

General Political Science Major Program

International Relations Major Program

Political Science Major with Legal Studies Specialization

Political Science Major with Public Policy Specialization

Political Science Minors Programs Worksheet

Students in Political Science and International Relations examine how humans organize their societies and make collective choices for the whole.  They focus on the behavior of individuals (both ordinary people and leaders) and groups, and on the institutions that humans use to make and implement public policy decisions. Political Science majors focus on American and National issues, whereas the International Relations students in particular examine the interactions among states (countries) and on international governance.  Both majors examine not just “governments,” but the entire process of governing.