Dr. James Lupo

James Lupo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone # (402) 280-3195
E-mail: jvlupo@creighton.edu

Teaches Courses in:

Psychology of Learning; Psychology of Perception; Physiological Psychology; Neuropsychology; Research Methods & Statistics

Research interests:

My research focuses on the role of contingency of reinforcement on the persistence of responding and patterns of responding in rats. Tests for persistence and patterning are carried out in both standard extinction sessions and also multiple schedule discrimination testing.

Representative Publications:
Lupo, J.V., Mitchell, R.E., & Grandy, T.G. (1987). The intellectual caliber of medical students of the 1980s and past decades. Journal of Medical Education, 62, 680-682.

Lupo, J.V., & Ware, M.E. (1984). Continuing education in micro-computers for academic and practicing psychologists. Teaching of Psychology, 11, 40-41.

Anderson, D.C., Koehn, C.C., & Lupo, J.V. (1976). Different intensities of unsignalled inescapable shock treatments as determinants of non-shock-motivated open field behavior: A resolution of disparate results. Physiology & Behavior, 17, 391-394