Dr. Jill Brown


Jill Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone # (402) 280-2434
E-mail: jillbrown@creighton.edu

Teaches Courses in:

Multicultural Issues; Infant & Child Development; Adolescent & Adult Development; Research Methods & Statistics; Introductory Psychology

Research interests:

I study child fosterage in Africa, specifically looking at the impact of socially distributed child care on HIV/AIDS orphans. I am interested in these practices among African immigrants. I also study parental ethno-theories, or what motherís hope for their children, cross culturally.

Representative Publications:

Brown, J. (2013). Morals and maladies: Life histories of socially distributed care among Aaumbo women in Namibia, Southern Africa. Journal of Critical Southern Studies, 1(1), 60-79.
Bartholomew, T.; Brown, J. (2012) Mixed Methods, Culture and Psychology: A Review of Mixed Methods in Culture-Specific Psychological Research. International Perspectives in Psychology, 1(3) 177-190.
deGuzman, M.R.T, Brown, J., Carlo, G., & Knight, G. P. (2012). What does it mean to be prosocial: A Cross-Ethnic Study of Parental Beliefs. Psychology and Developing Societies, 24 (2), 241-269.
Brown, J. (2011). Child fostering chains among Owambo families in Namibia. Journal of Southern African Studies, 31(1), 155-176.
Brown, J. (2009). Child fosterage and the developmental markers of Ovambo children in Namibia: A look at gender and kinship. Childhood in Africa: An interdisciplinary journal, 1, 4-10.  

Brown, J., Sorrell, J.H., McClaren, J., & Creswell, J.W. (2006). Waiting for a liver transplant. Qualitative Health Research, 16(1), 119-136..

Edwards, C.P., de Guzman, M.R.T., Brown, J., & Kumru, A. (2006). Children's social behaviors and peer interactions in diverse cultures. In X. Chen, D.C. French, & B.H. Schneider (Eds.), Peer relationships in cultural context (pp. 23-51). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Brown, J., Sorrell, J., & Raffaelli, M. (2005). An exploratory study of constructions of masculinity, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Namibia, Southern