Dr. Lee Budesheim


Thomas Lee Budesheim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone # (402) 280-3000
E-mail: budesh@creighton.edu

Teaches Courses in:

Social Psychology; Multicultural Issues in Psychology; Research Methods & Statistics; Introductory Psychology; Cognitive Psychology

Research interests:
My research focuses on understanding the impressions people form of others in a wide variety of contexts (e.g., criminal defendants, political candidates, college roommates). I study the social and cognitive processes underlying judgments of others, as well as the type of information people choose to base their judgments.

Representative Publications:

Budesheim, T. L. (2011). Going out on a limb in an underdeveloped branch of objectification research.  Sex Roles, 65, 165-172.

Hunt, J.S., & Budesheim, T.L. (2004). How jurors use and misuse character evidence. Journal of Applied Psychology, 89, 347-361.

Budesheim, T.L., & Bonnelle, K. (1998). The use of abstract trait knowledge and behavioral exemplars in causal explanations of behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , 24, 575-584.