Gerard Forbes

Gerard Forbes - 2009 Graduate


Delivery Engineer  at Dynamo, LLC– It is worth noting that because we are a company of 8, job titles don’t mean a whole lot. Each member of the team has a variety of things they work on outside of their core job duties.  To me, that is one of the best things about working at a start-up.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at the UNO College of Business.


After Creighton, I obtained a training and development certification from UNO in 2011 and completed my MBA at UNO in 2015.


Why I would 100% get a psych degree from Creighton again: Weird thing about most jobs – you have to interact with people.  The organizational behavior/leadership space is built upon psychology concepts and research. In my current role at an IT consulting and recruiting firm we have to understand candidates priorities and career goals, hiring managers priorities and goals, and the organizations culture and objectives.  My psychology degree prepared me to take a scientific approach to understanding how people and groups behave and (probably more importantly) taught me how to effectively research and explore topics with which I am less familiar. Organization behavior is built on psychology research. Really, this is hard question to answer – I feel like I use the knowledge gained obtaining my undergraduate degree every day.


I’m not sure I love my answer for the last (and most important) part.  We deal directly with people on both sides of our business, so having a better understanding of human behavior is constantly valuable.  Plus, I am helping to define our culture and build out our training program so I use cognitive, social, learning, social, personality psych concepts regularly. I wouldn’t say I use the concepts at an incredible depth, the breadth of knowledge is constantly useful.