Chemistry Seminar Schedule

Fall 2020 Chemistry Seminar Schedule


Creighton University
Department of Chemistry
Phone: 402.280.2813
Fax: 402.280.5737

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February 3rd Virtual
Harry B. Gray, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
Department of Chemistry
Fuel from Sunlight and Water

February 10th Virtual
Troy A. Stich, PhD
Assistant Professor
Wake Forest University
Department of Chemistry
Decoding and Reprogramming Radical SAM Enzymes

February 24th In-Person
Gregory H. Robinson, PhD
UGA Foundation Professor
University of Georgia
Department of Chemistry
From N-Heterocyclic Carbenes to Dithiolene-Based Radicals: a Counterintuitive Main Group Element Odyssey

March 17th In-Person
Justin R. Walensky, PhD
University of Missouri
Department of Chemistry
Fun at the Bottom of the Periodic Table Using Uranium to Functionalize Small Molecules

March 24th Virtual
Joseph J. Badillo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Seaton Hall University
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Photoacid Catalyzed Functionalization of Carbonyls

April 28th Virtual
Ambia Bhagi-Damodaran, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota
Department of Chemistry
Engineering Non-Heme Iron Enzymes for Biocatalysis and Therapeutics

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This series is hosted by Eric Villa, PhD

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