Baumann Scholarship Application

Baumann Scholarship Application

Baumann Scholarship Application Instructions & Timeline


Download the application. Complete all sections and submit as follows by October 31:

  • the document in pdf format to Dr. Ben Brandsen (via an e-mail attachment). You do not need to include the signatures on the pdf form.
  • one paper copy of the completed application to Dr. Brandsen. This form should include the required signatures.

Please note all award requirements and time frame information provided below.

Award requirements

  1. Award winner must enroll in Chm 497 during the Spring Semester immediately following the award date which is November 16 of each year.
  2. Award winner must plan to do the research for a Creighton Chemistry faculty member
  3. Award winner must abide by the Time Frame for Award Activities as given below. Exceptions, such as extension of deadlines, must be cleared by Dr. Brandsen.

Time Frame for Award Activities

August - October 31:

  1. Download, complete, and save the application in pdf format.
  2. Adhere to page and word limit.
  3. Print a copy of the completed the application.
  4. Submit signed application to Dr. Brandsen, Department of Chemistry before 4pm on October 31.

November 1 - November 10 (approximate): Applications are reviewed by faculty.

The following criteria are used to evaluate proposals:

  1. clarity and thoroughness of proposal
  2. feasibility of completing the proposed research
  3. general academic preparedness of applicant
  4. plans to present findings at a conference or publish the results

Prior to November 15: Faculty members meet to discuss applicants and vote on the winners. Faculty members participating in the process will be expected to read and evaluate all proposals in advance. (It is tacitly assumed that previous research experience(s), senior status and plans to continue their education in graduate school are viewed as assets to the application.) Faculty mentors will be invited to say a few words in support of each applicant during the meeting. Discussion will follow and a vote will be taken by secret ballot, with each voter choosing up to three candidates. This will take place during the normal departmental meeting time nearest, but prior to, November 16th.

November 16 (Dr. Donald Baumann's birthday):

  1. Winners are announced by Dr. Brandsen, who will also notify Dr. John Baumann via e-Mail.
  2. Copies of the successful proposals will be sent by ground mail to John Baumann.November 16 - December 1:
  1. Winners write a thank you note to the Baumann Family and deliver it to Dr. Brandsen.
  2. Dr. Brandsen will also take a digital photo of the winners for posting on the web.
  3. Upon completion of these steps, Dr. Brandsen will request payment of $500.00 as the first installment of the scholarship.
  4. Copies of all paperwork and thank you notes sent to Dr. John Baumann.
  5. Web site updated by Dr. Brandsen.

January - May: Students perform the proposed research.

April: Baumann Scholars may be asked to present their findings at a departmental seminar.


  1. Draft report is submitted to research director for review.
  2. Corrections are made.
  3. Two copies of the final report are submitted to Dr. Brandsen. The original copy must be signed by both the student and research director.
  4. An electronic copy (in pdf format) of the final report must also be submitted to Dr. Brandsen (as an e-mail attachment). The latter will be used to build the web site.
  5. A second thank you note for the Baumann Family is written and delivered to Dr. Brandsen.
  6. Upon completion of these steps, Dr. Brandsen will request payment of $500.00 as the second installment of the scholarship.
  7. Copies of all paperwork and thank you notes sent to Dr. John Baumann.
  8. Web site updated by Dr. Brandsen.

updated October 2021