New Student Assessment

New Student Assessment

Faculty in the Creighton University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are dedicated to fostering student learning and helping students discover their talents and abilities.  We strongly believe our students enjoy greater success when enrolled in the appropriate chemistry course at the beginning of their college career.

To facilitate placement into the correct course we require all students to take a short exam focused on mathematics knowledge and reasoning.  The Quantitative Assessment for New Students (QANS) is tailored to understand how we can help students achieve their goals.

Please complete the QANS at least one week prior to your fall registration time this summer, typically in June.

The assessment will likely take you 30 45 minutes to complete.  During the assessment you will answer 16 20  questions.  You need to provide a response to every question in the order they are presented to complete the exam.  You cannot return to a previous question while taking the exam.  Please answer each question to the best of your ability.  Exam results and registration advice will be communicated to your advisor prior to your fall term registration time.

You may access the QANS here 

We wish you the very best as you embark on your college career!