Minor in Communication Studies

The minor in Communication Studies provides students an opportunity to develop communication competencies, at both theoretical and applied levels. Communication is examined through a variety of contexts, including rhetoric and public culture, organizational communication, interpersonal communication,  small groups, and health communication.  The minor is designed to allow students to explore Communication Studies by providing structure and flexibility to give them a way to supplement their major/career goals. To see the catalog's listing of this minor, click here.

The TRACK consists of 18 credit hours, to include the following courses: 

9 Hours - (All of the following):

  • COM 359: Rhetoric and Public Culture 
  • COM 360: Organizational Communication
  • COM 361: Interpersonal Communication

Nine (9) additional credit hours in COM courses numbered 200 and above.
Only six credits of forensics courses (COM 201, 301, 401, 501) may count toward this minor.