Alex Myers

Alex Myers, MFA

Alex Myers

Alex Myers, M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Graphic Design

Hitchcock 212A

Teaching Statement

"They don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are." - Jim Henson

Dictionaries state that teaching is to "show or explain to someone how to do something" or to "give information about or instruction in (a subject or skill)" or even, oddly, to "make (someone) less inclined to do something."

This last bit I find particularly amusing, but not necessarily helpful.

I've taught students specific skills and I've taught students extremely less-than specific subjects. In either case, I've tried to show a way of thinking that gives my students the confidence to teach themselves. This doesn't do much for my job security, but I've never approached teaching as work. At the risk of sounding overly romantic: teaching is a way of life.

Teaching is also about providing perspective. It's about providing a way to see the whole of a topology. To find and point out the landmarks that help give a sense of self within the larger landscape.

But then, the map is not the territory.

A teacher needs to have an active, curious mind that is energetically exploring the edges of its field. Teachers should be out there, in the wilds, seeking and then sharing their explorations. Without active experimentation a teacher is no better than a tour guide. Tours are fun and informative, but only ever leave you with a very curated experience.

Teaching is about making people more inclined to teach themselves and less inclined to just accept what others tell them.


I grew up with one foot in the midwest and the other on the west coast.

I earned my Master's of Fine Art degree in Interactive Media & Environments at The Frank Mohr Institute, the Center for Experimental Art Research within The Hanzehogeschool Groningen, University of Applied Sciences, in Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Awards & Exhibitions

I have exhibited at NP3 in Groningen, Nikolaj Kunsthallen in Copenhagen, Lab for Electronic Art and Performance, Berlin, Interaccess in Toronto, FACT in Liverpool, and LACDA in Los Angeles, among others. I've twice been awarded the Art and Culture Prize of Groningen, The Netherlands.

A full CV is available upon request.