Catie Baker

Catie Baker, PhD

Catie Baker

Catie Baker, PhD
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Clare Boothe Luce Chair for Women in Science

Hitchcock 203D

Teaching Statement

Catie teaches a wide variety of courses in computer science from introductory programming to upper-level electives. Her courses utilize active learning and provide the students many opportunities to gain hands on experience on the topics they are learning in class. She also focuses on enabling the students to take control of their learning and learn the skills necessary to explore further topics on their own. Her current interests in curriculum development center around ensuring that the technology that students are creating in her courses are usable by all people, including those who access the computer in a non-traditional manner.


Catie Baker is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Creighton University. Catie is originally from Cedar Rapids, IA. She attended undergrad at DePauw University where she studied math and computer science. After graduation, she then attended the University of Washington on multiple fellowships, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and earned her Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering. During her time at the University of Washington, her research was in the area of accessibility, creating technology for people with disabilities.

Current Research

Catie's research is in the area of accessibility, creating technology for people with disabilities. In particular, her interests are

  • Including accessibility in computer science curriculum
  • Understanding how companies are integrating accessibility into their process
  • Investigating how tools affect the creation of accessible software