Jeffrey Maciejewski

Jeffrey Maciejewski, PhD

Jeffrey Maciejewski

Jeffrey Maciejewski, Ph.D.
Professor of Journalism

Hitchcock 210A

Teaching Statement

Our students need as many hands-on experiences as possible. We do that throughout our curriculum and it's something that I try hard to do in all of my classes. Whether it's developing ads that use copy only in one of my advertising classes, or it's wrestling with the concept of utilitarianism in my media ethics class, I push students to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with whatever it is we're covering in class. This really helps them to learn in a very dynamic way.


Jeffrey Maciejewski has been teaching at Creighton since 1999. He earned his master's and Ph.D. degrees from Marquette University, where he specialized in media ethics. Prior to attending graduate school he worked professionally in advertising as both advertising and marketing managers. He currently teaches courses in advertising, media ethics, and media law. In addition to authoring more than a dozen journal articles on media ethics, he is the author of "Thomas Aquinas On Persuasion: Action, Ends and Natural Rhetoric," published by Lexington Books.