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Publicity & Official Naming Information

Official Naming Information

Venues are to be officially referred as the following:

  • The building is the Lied Education Center for the Arts (not "Lied Center" or "Arts Center" et cetera). "Lied" is pronounced "leed." The building name may be abbreviated (after first usage) to LECA.
  • There are three floors in the building; they are Upper Level (not "Third Floor"), Main Level (not "Second Floor" and Lower Level (not "First Floor").
  • Administrative offices (Chair, Operations Manager, Promotions, et cetera) are located on the Lower Level, as well as a Macintosh computer lab and an auditorium-style classroom (which seats 47). The Costume Shop, Photography darkrooms and the office of the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival are also on the Lower Level.
  • The Lied Art Gallery, the Mainstage, the Studio Theatre and the Dance Studio are on the Main Level. Music Offices and Practice Rooms and the Multi-Use Classroom. Theatre and Dance faculty office are located on this level, as is the Theatre Scene Shop.
  • The Upper Level holds Studio Art classrooms (Painting Studios, Printmaking, Ceramics and Sculpture) as well as Studio Art faculty offices
  • The public area on the Main Level, outside the Mainstage, Dance Studio and Lied Art Gallery, is the Main Lobby.
  • The public area on the Lower Level, outside the Computer Lab, Slide Library and Gallery Director's office is the Lower Lobby.
  • The primary performance space is called the Mainstage (not "Main Stage?" or ?"Performance Hall" et cetera).
  • The secondary performance space is called the Studio Theatre (not "Black Box" or "Acting Classroom" et cetera).
  • The art gallery is called Lied Art Gallery (not "gallery" or "exhibit hall" et cetera). Within the Art Gallery are the South Gallery (pentagonal room) and the North Gallery (rectangular room).
  • There are 300 seats in the Mainstage performance space with an additional 50 seats available in the balcony. The Studio Theatre can seat up to 100, depending upon the layout of the sets and seating.
  • There is approximately 140 linear feet of exhibit space in the Lied Art Gallery. Gallery hours are from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily (including Saturdays and Sundays) during the run of each exhibit. The Gallery is closed for all Creighton University holidays.
  • Ticket prices for Dance Performances and Theatre Productions are $10 for general admission, $5 for students and $8 for senior citizens. There is no admission charge to the Lied Art Gallery. There is no admission charge to any Music Concert.