Art History Courses

Courses in Art History

ARH 210 History of Western Art and Architecture I
ARH 211 History of Western Art and Architecture II
ARH 301 Topics in the History of Art
ARH 319 Art International
ARH 349 Egyptian Art And Archaeology
ARH 350 Archaeology of Syria-Palestine
ARH 354 Greek Art and Archaeology
ARH 362 Early Christian Art and Archaeology
ARH 366 Etruscan and Roman Art and Archaeology
ARH 369 Medieval Art and Architecture
ARH 372 History of Northern Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARH 375 History of Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARH 377 Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture
ARH 380 History of the Art of the Eighteenth Century
ARH 383 History of Aesthetics of Photography
ARH 384 History of American Architecture
ARH 385 History of American Art and Architecture
ARH 386 The History & Aesthetics Latin American Photography
ARH 387 Modern Hispanic Art History
ARH 390 Nineteenth Century Art and Architecture
ARH 394 Modern European Art, 1900-1945
ARH 398 Contemporary Art
ARH 401 History and Methodology of Art History
ARH 418 Jesus Through The Ages
ARH 430 Selected Topics in Ancient Art
ARH 435 Women Art and Society
ARH 445 History of Architecture and Urbanism
ARH 450 The City
ARH 461 The City of Rome in Antiquity
ARH 465 The City of Rome since Antiquity
ARH 467 History of the Art of Spain and Her Colonies
ARH 480 Management of Art Organizations
ARH 481 Art Management Internship
ARH 489 Summer Seminar in Art History
ARH 493 Directed Independent Readings
ARH 497 Directed Independent Research
ARH 499 Senior Thesis