Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs

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The Department of History contributes to a number of interdisciplinary programs at Creighton. They complement well the history major and many other academic programs.

African Studies

With the African Studies program you won’t just get an all-encompassing overview of Africa, you’ll also be empowered to become a better citizen and a member of an increasingly global community. 

American Studies

The American Studies Program seeks to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to bring critical insights to the study of the American experience in its all its diversity, past and present.

Black Studies

The Black Studies program offers students the opportunity to examine developments and ideas in Africa and in the African diaspora from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective.

Justice and Peace Studies

Justice and Peace Studies consists of a multidisciplinary series of courses integrating community-service-learning, social analysis, and ethical knowledge and reflection, in the context of a faith that expects justice and seeks a more peaceful world.

Native American Studies

The Native American studies program introduces students to Native American history, culture, identity and a wide variety of contemporary social and political issues.

Sustainability Studies

Through a major or minor in sustainability from Creighton University, you can find your voice in this conversation and help make a more livable future in your community and around the world.

Women's & Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that introduces students to the rapidly expanding areas of scholarship focused upon gender, women, and men. The program explores social constructions and experiences of gender roles of masculinity and femininity and diverse sexual orientations.