Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: What is required to apply for a language major?
All language majors require that you have completed the 202 course with a grade of C or better. The pertinent link is on the CCAS website.

Q.: What are the requirements of the French, German and Spanish majors?
The French and German majors require 27 credit hours, beginning with 311 (or 303). A Spanish Major requires 33 credit hours, starting with 311.

Q.: What are the requirements of the French, German, Italian and Spanish Minors?
The minors require 18 credit hours, beginning with 201. However, these programs also require a minimum number of credits in certain categories of courses (cultural studies, specialized language, literature).

Q.: How do you apply for a language Minor?
You simply declare the minor (French, German, Italian or Spanish) through a link on the CCAS website.

Q.: What should I do if I have problems deciding which major or minor, and consequently which courses I should take next semester, in French, German, Italian or Spanish?
Please make an appointment immediately with your language major advisor, or in the case of a minor, with your current language professor.