SCOLA Internat. TV

Hitchcock Language Resource Center (HLRC)

The HLRC supports CANES and Modern Languages and Literatures faculty and students with language learning materials, both online and in the facility.

The HRLC offers various language learning software programs on CDs and on each computer. For example, practice Spanish grammar exclusively on HLRC computers. All computers are multi-media ready: you can type, read, and watch many world languages, and many computers are equipped with USB cameras to reliably 'video skype' with other students abroad.

International TV from is not just free to be used by faculty and students of Creighton University, SCOLA has cleared all copyrights for its clients!  Scola offers downloadable (i.e. mp4) or live TV (i.e. QuickTime) in many world languages on EIGHT (8) channels (see Program guide). Read the SCOLA FAQ below.

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SCOLA’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - edited

Q: Why should I use SCOLA when I can get free content on the Internet to use in class?

A: There is a great deal of content on the Internet from unreliable, fluid sites that are here today and gone tomorrow that do not offer the extensive copyrights SCOLA has contracted with each and every country for and are included with your affiliation.


Many times commercials must be viewed before the programming airs and the programming can be unsuitable and not a distinctive viewpoint on current events and traditions from within a country.


SCOLA programming allows you to archive, record, re-play, download and embed programming in courseware and coursework without the worry of copyright infringement penalties.


SCOLA World TV Online offers authentic programming from over 100 countries in over 105 languages. With one click of the mouse you will be taken to the SCOLA website where you can be assured of quality content the first and every time.


Q.  How can I find the time to edit videos while finding a suitable subject to tie in with the topic I’m currently teaching in class?


A. SCOLA Insta-Class has done the work for you with weekly Insta-Lessons in many languages. Each lesson includes a small clip of video, transcripts, translations, quiz and vocabulary lists that are searchable by year, topic, category and level of difficulty or by vocabulary words which makes it extremely easy to find something interesting for use during class.


We also have SCOLA Digital Archive which is an extensive collection of foreign language videos that are searchable by country, language, program name, words and more to find just the right video and topic. With the built in editing function you can quickly and easily resize the videos to fit within class time.


Videos are quickly found using SCOLA Specialized Word Video Search which is a searchable collection of English Language/ Native Language word pairs that allow you to build your vocabulary by hearing examples of words in actual usage in video broadcasts as well as audio pronunciation sound clips.


Lexicon search allows a search to be conducted by letter. It will display all of the English words of the word pair starting with a letter. Search videos in 33 languages by word or letter and it will take you to the moment it is spoken in the video, edit it and you have the perfect video clip for discussion and answer.

Q. Why do we have to pay for the entire campus when only our language department is utilizing SCOLA?


A. SCOLA can be used not only for language learning but also by international students to watch programming from back home or read their newspapers online with SCOLA Foreign Text.

Many can learn a great deal about the culture and point of views of other countries or they can learn about international business and events and even the library can utilize SCOLA archival copyrights and download programs for research. Exciting, colorful pictures are copyright protected and excellent for use in power point presentations or reports in SCOLA People and Places.

You will find that many students and faculty are not part of the language program but can gain real value in having SCOLA on campus.


SCOLA On the Street Videos are native videos of everyday people speaking about everyday things, the perfect solution to understanding a countries culture and its distinctive viewpoint.  Search Insta-Class by level of difficulty for a lesson appropriate to your level to the ultimate goal of using a second language for personal enjoyment.


With programming from over 100 countries in many unique applications we’ve got you covered in the teaching of many languages on many levels. Using SCOLA as your single resource is very cost effective and can be justified in your budget as an essential learning tool. SCOLA is ideal for implementing national content standards in your language program.